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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Intros and Hellos

Welcome to Cocina Savant- a smorgasbord of food adventures in the life of Dawn and I. By smorgasbord I mean a collective of meals from numerous national origins, using numerous regional techniques, and a plethora of local ingredients. Spawned from our never-ending desire to read great recipes for inspiration and great books for the instant transport and enlightenment on craft, we hope that our desire and passion for cooking are contagious.

A little about our separate backgrounds- how we met, and the way our backgrounds inform our cooking. I was born in the Panhandle of Florida and lived there until I moved to Columbus, Ohio, a little over a year ago. Dawn was born in Virginia, and moved throughout her childhood to California, Florida, and other locations before ending up in Pensacola, Florida where we met at the University of West Florida. Some of our most memorable date nights included staying in and experimenting in the kitchen. I learned how to make sushi; Dawn learned how to make cheesecake. Since then our passion for cooking has continued to expand as we move through life together. About two and a half years after we met and a year after we got married, we moved to Columbus, Ohio for new scenery and for Dawn to work on her graduate studies in British Romanticism. And, as for now I am working at a sandwich shop and dreaming of opening a café.

Enough hellos and background though, on to the food.


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