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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back in Action

 It has been a long long time since my thoughts have faded back to writing a post about what Dawn and I have been doing in the last year and a half since we wrote to you all. I have enjoyed reading some of the creative recipes and events you have all been a part of while we have been gone and I would be remiss if I did not mention I will respond on your activities soon. The restaurant, which took up every waking moment and worry is a thing of our past. Still thriving but under new ownership, it has aided us in the fight to live a more "normal" life; a life where we can spend time enjoying the heirloom tomatoes in all their bounty, cooking a pan of red chicken curry, or baking one of the fantastic loaves from James Beard that I missed oh so much.

I will not spend hours rambling on about what has happened in the past but saluting what is to come in the future. We have a growing and thriving eight and a half month old boy named Silas that grounds us daily when we forget how special each moment is at the stove or sharing meals with family.  What an awesome summer this has been and there is a still of bit left to share with you all. We have all those friends on the Gulf Coast in our prayers as Isaac looms near and hope it will turn into nothing more than rain and a few gusts. We look forward to hearing back from you all and thank you for the former support you have shown us when we were more faithful to keep in touch.